Beach Pea Peapod

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We recently finished a Doug Hylan Beach Pea, a modern version of a traditional Maine peapod. This 13-foot double ender makes an ideal tender. It rows like a dream and, since it is based on a work boat design, the more weight you put inside, the more stable the boat becomes. We built the boat using the glued plywood lapstrake construction method with high quality okuome marine plywood and System Three epoxy resin. This lightweight building method uses hardly any screws or fasteners and makes a tight, light, strong boat that requires little maintenance.

LOA – 13′
BEAM – 4′ 4″
DRAFT – 3″
WEIGHT – approx. 120 lb.
HULL TYPE – round bottom, double ender
CONSTRUCTION – glued lapstrake plywood


PRICE – $5,000

We dressed up our peapod with just a bit of varnish, enough to pretty up a basic working boat. We used Le Tonkinois, a traditional natural oil varnish that has high UV resistance and is simple to touch up. It is the official varnish of the French Navy. There is a brass oval rubbing strip running the length of the keel to protect against scrapes. The rails are covered with rubber-filled canvas-covered gunwale guards for protection at the dinghy dock. The oarlock sockets are reinforced with aluminum plates.

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Here are some photos of the peapod under construction:

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